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19 Ally

RUNES: e w s g

Short Message: An ally is someone who pushes us to move forward, more than moving means to evolve, there are allies who do not help us or slow us down and it is at that moment of stop, where we must make a recapitulation of where we are moving and if it is the path we should continue. First we must know our most immediate ally and become aware if it is helping us to move forward or not, this ally is ourselves; in many occasions ourselves are the ones who do not let us move forward, we cause stumbling blocks or we only see the difficulties, for example when we want to wake up very early to go exercise and instead we decide to stay to sleep and go tomorrow because it is cold, it is not really the cold, or that we are tired or that we have sleepless the night before, it is really ourselves who are obstructing our desires; to move forward we must make an introspection and understand that first we are the ones who must support and encourage ourselves to achieve our goals…

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