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18 Mother

RUNES: b y l s w

Short Message: Mother, it is something very simple that is complex, that we cannot finish understanding, as a concept, as a feeling, as a word, as an action, it is as simple as the mother earth that exists, but we are so used to it that we do not realize it and it is as complex as the very life existing on earth, from the ant, the earth, the water, a stone, the flowers, a river, the wind, the fire, the combustion, the gravity, the light, the shadow, like you and like me. Mother is not a concept, but at the same time it is. We can all have a different conception of what mother is, each person can have a different idea of what it is, and it is that many times we think that mother can only be the one who gave us life, but it is not only that or necessarily that, we cannot reduce it to an action, it would be like saying that the planet is only the ground I am stepping on and somehow it is and not. Mother, it is the deepest of the unconscious, the journey to the depths of being, to the connection with the essential being, to the infinite sea to which we all belong, in which we are, will continue to be and will return, it is the connection with the source, the collective unconscious…

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