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14 Fear

RUNES: p l N ñÑI

Short Message: Fear is the ignorance of something, we are afraid of something we don't know, of the lack of control. Why doesn't the ignorance of what exists or doesn't exist in deep space make us afraid? We would live our whole lives with that fear. The situation is to understand and stop worrying about what we cannot change, instead of changing and controlling what we can, taking responsibility for what we do or what we do not do. Part of what we have learned badly is to dualize everything, "I'm doing well" or "I'm doing badly", what we must do is integrate, it's not black or white, it just is and what it is, I can change first from the inside out and understand what I cannot change or control. Before seeking that integration, we must understand the balance, where the feminine and the masculine exist regardless of the mind or the body, we are feminine and we are masculine, we must not deny duality, but integrate it and then we will transcend from concepts to sensations. Fear is a concept that exists because we dualize, we must integrate. This is the message of the runes for Fear.

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