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08 Happiness

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Short Message: Happiness is something complicated, but simple if we want it, more than a moment is a decision, happiness and sadness are the same, but they are the extremes of one feeling, we use words, letters, but the reality is that everyone knows deep down what they really feel. Initiate from the love for oneself, to achieve this we must understand who we are, and to know it we must remove many layers, thoughts, customs, actions, goals, failures, tastes, vices, currents of thought, philosophical, political, religious, spiritual, etc., etc. All this that for many years we were taught by our parents, relatives, friends, media, teachers, idols, political figures, religious figures, strangers, icons of history, academic culture, pop culture, etc., etc. We then need to remove all those layers that are not ours, little by little, until we remain, our thoughts, our tastes, our ideologies, our actions. It is a process in which we learn things that form our knowledge and little by little we subtract certain parts and begin to change them for wisdom, made up of things we feel...

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